Loan information  
 Loan applicant:   Zlatni bor d.o.o.  
 Municipality:   Sokolac 
 Loan:   Loans for start-up activities 
 Bank/MCO:   Nova banka a.d. Banja Luka 
 Fund:   Eastern Republic of Srpska Development Fund 
 Requested loan amount (in BAM):   250.000,00 
 Approved loan amount (in BAM)   250.000,00 
 Repayment period (in months):   60 
 Grace period (in months):   3 
 Loan application status 
Submitted to IRBRS 14.05.2019
Documentation status
IRBRS Credit Committee 29.05.2019
Loan agreement 29.05.2019

completed/approvedin process
forwarded for signingunexecuted
documentation completewithdrawn by applicant
documentation returnedrejected
documentation incomplete