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Welcome to Database of Investment Locations in the Republic of Srpska!

This database includes comprehensive information about available investment locations in the Republic of Srpska, as well as entrepreneurial and business zones, clusters and the like. In addition, here you can find information about resources, potentials, business environment and comparative advantages of each municipality in the Republic of Srpska.

The primary goal of the database is to facilitate potential foreign investors to make an informed decision on the best investment location in the Republic of Srpska. In addition, the database is intended to provide opportunities for the Republic of Srpska municipalities to promote their investment potentials.

The information contained in the database has been collected from each municipality separately, except for statistical data which have been obtained from the RS Statistics Institute. Given that these are external sources, IRBRS does not assume any responsibility for any potential inaccuracy of the data.

Municipalities in the RS

Municipalities in the Republic of Serbia has significant potential, resources, business environment and benefits for the successful implementation of investment projects.

Activities for investment

Find an attractive investment opportunities in those sectors in which already operates or those that you find particularly interesting.

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Potential investors have at their disposal a number of options, such as entrepreneurship and business areas, clusters of projects and the like.